concrete + kerbing

Adding to RCCs Civil and Construction capability is our Concrete and Kerbing service.

RCC is capable of delivering:

FRP Building + Industrial Slabs

FRP Piers, Pile Caps + Scallop Piling Panels

FRP Culvert Slabs, Pits + Lids

Commercial + Industrial Driveways & Cross Overs

Concrete Swales + Spoon Drains


General Kerbing inc. Machine + Hand Work

Commercial + Industrial Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Commercial + Industrial Landscape Concrete


With proven delivery on works for tier 1 builders and defence projects across South Australia, including: 

✅ Port Wakefield PW2PA

✅ Acciona VBR Project

✅ Axis Building Land 17

✅ Lendlease Air555

✅ Delta Group,  Aboriginal Arts, and Cultural Centre (Lot Fourteen)

✅ Lendlease Glenunga High School