Aboriginal Cultural Centre


Project Summary:

Tarrkarri will be a living cultural centre, sharing 60,000 years of the oldest continuous civilisation of Australia’s First Nations. Connecting the timeless stories, rich traditions and diverse cultures from the Dreaming into the Future.

Tarrkarri – Centre for First Nations Cultures will be the world’s leading First Nations cultural centre.

The Centre will set a new global paradigm in cultural experience as an immersive living cultural centre, merging world-class architecture and curated programming.

Celebrating all forms of First Nations cultural life, bursting the bounds of traditional gallery exhibitions to accommodate the widest possible range of cultural experiences and energy.

A place of events, music, exhibitions, festivals, performances, meet-ups and creative gatherings of every kind.

Tarrkarri will hold the landmark position in Australia’s Arts and Cultural tourism – a civic centre for welcome to Country; providing an international gateway for visitors to glimpse into the living cultures of Australia’s First Nations peoples.